Sunday, 20 February 2011

My first time....

So have set up my first ever blog.....very proud!  It has to be said that it has not been created by choice, (thank you Calum!) however I do feel that perhaps it is time to take advantage of such technologies to aid the creative process.

Not much to say currently apart from never before have I read a book that has given me nightmares.  Have just finished reading Margaret Atwood's, The Year of the Flood and personally thought it was excellent and it has given me a different perspective on Sci-fi/futuristic writing.  There were certain elements about the book that jarred with me, however she has the ability to observe human traits which will never change and certainly captures a sense of aloneness and vulnerability.  Clearly it sparked something in my sub-concious as for the last two nights I have been trying to avoid catching 'the waterless flood' (or pandemic plague if you haven't read the book) in my dreams.

I'll leave it there as not used to this whole blogging malarkey, but The Year of the Flood is well worth a read.